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A futuristic biomimicry interpretive centre in Elysian Valley that encourages the community to perceive innovation and technology employed towards the physical realization of natural laws in artificial constructs.



A bionic infotainment center for the community Elysian Valley, famous for its richness in natural beauty running along the LA River.

The town famously known as Frogtown for the  thousands of toads that crawled over the streets of Elysian Valley, has gone through years of change in identity. From gang driven territory to revitalization of the LA river, paved the way to gentrification due to the new floating population of young artists and developers.

LA River

Golden state fwy

Blake Ave


A bionic exploration center to spur the community to view nature with a different perception, to develop a better connection to the natural world with the benefits of innovation and technology.

The museum design has been inspired by the organic forms of nature and the field of biomimicry where its utilization can be seen as a neutral background through the whole design story.

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Spatial experience

The museum experience is divided into three programs, each of these programs help people understand the science behind nature, its form, functionality and purpose.

Utilization in various fields

Being the final space of the museum, visitors get a glimpse of how biomimicry has inspired industries like architecture, medicine, transportation forms.

Inspired by animals

The space introduces natures way of performing functions. Focusing on the animals body structures help understand the scientific mechanism behind their movement. Focuses on all 3 kinds- underwater, land and flying animals.

Inspired by plants

The space invites people to zoom into the nature’s patterns by focusing on the plant life and how each organism is structured.

Experience mapping


Approach to the Biomimicry Museum. The facade design follows the contemporary nature of the city with old brick wall grown with grass and modern glass entrance.


Creating a connection to the various kinds of animals varying from crawling creatures, land animals and air-borne gliding animals. The disks display the animals are various levels from the ground. The digital screens display in depth details of various designs derived from the animal life forms.


The first space invites people to zoom into the plant life to understand the patterns and how systematically nature has created them. Walking through this area viewing patterns of plants showing visible regularities of form found in the natural world. These patterns recur in different contexts and this space helps people come close to the fine details displayed in behind each glass boxes.

plants zoneArtboard 2.png


A wrap-around the dome creating a perfect venue to deep dive into the experience of swimming underwater. A five-minute show that displays different water creatures and how submarines follow the same hydraulic forms as sharks

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Interactive screen

The interactive screen helps people understand better about the different patterns in nature and have fun creating new patterns of their choice by waving their hands around before the screen.


Industry study

The final space in the museum showcases the utilization of biomimicry in various industries. The interactive touch pods display the involvement of studies in fields like architecture, medicine and transportation.


Other projects

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