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A spatial experiential attraction that amplifies your everyday emotions by diving into a themed immersive journey.​​This project encourages people to indulge into each of their emotions and embrace the beauty of individuality.


The dive is an immersive museum that invokes visitors to realize their emotions while walking through the different rooms. ​

The design is based on an insightful study of deep sea diving and symbolizing the emotions experienced by a diver through his journey to the bottom of the sea.

Understanding mind

Design principles

Scene setting

The journey  into the ocean is like the dive into our emotional body; the deeper you go the more you know.


ANTICIPATION- introduction to the journey- the story

EXPLORATION- experiencing various emotions

DISCOVERY- Interactive and immersive bookstore


The dive is inspired by the physical manifestation of the wake left behind by a diver when starting his journey of deep sea exploration. The museum is designed to envelope the audience and invoke the spirit of self discovery and reflection. The ripple textured panels on its exterior showcases the waves of the sea.

An ambigram is a word, art form or other symbolic representation whose elements retain meaning when viewed or interpreted from a different direction, perspective, or orientation.​

The signage is designed as an ambigram to shine light on the idea that people visiting the museum come with different perceptions and experiences for the same core emotional concept

Structural details

The large interior space comprises of a forest of columns with suspended rooms. They are connected to one other by a long twisted ramp creating a downward experience much like the exploration of a dive. ​

Concrete roof​

I  beams steel​

Tapering section detail​

Aluminum stretched mesh false ceiling​

Metal cladding panel facade​

Concrete columns​

Steel frame​

Fastener system​

Aluminum panel with ripple texture ​

The entrance of the room faces Washington Boulevard. The ground floor welcomes visitors into the anticipation room. The exploration experience starts on reaching the first floor. The emotions are individualized in each room thereby helping people focus on their feelings with respect to their interaction with the environment.

Spatial layout


Washington blvd







Anticipation room

This room narrates the story of the diving experience through screens. This space hints at visitors the journey they are about to embark on. Each screen describes the sequential phases of a dive. The narration guides visitors through the space towards the end of the room where they approach the elevator which leads them onward to the rest of the journey.

Disoriented room

This room symbolizes the dissonant view of the sea while experiencing vertigo. This experience can be correlated to the confused state or emotional dizziness that one feels when adrift.​The narrow bridge surrounded by a curved digital screen displays shoaling fishes in multiple directions. This  induces an imbalance in the visitors walking  through it.

disoriented sketchpng.png

Anxious room

The next room being the anxious room symbolizes the feeling of uncertainty from the dark and incapacitating underwater caves.​ This depicts the confinement that one feels when overwhelmed by a situation that triggers a fight or flight response.​

Calm room

The calm room encourages people to relieve tension by drawing attention to the movement of the bubbles, a technique used to relax the muscles while diving deeper. Similarly following the famous saying “stop, breathe, think, act” is a philosophy one must follow to overcome anxiety or stress. Soft felt walls surrounds the calm room which is filled with bulbs of different sizes that slowly glows when a person approaches them thereby creating a relaxing experience for the visitors.

Joy room

The visitors enters a domed room of steel tube stacked on one other that when struck, creates a soothing shamanic gong bath. It is a deeply rejuvenating and cleansing experience that brings a sense of serenity. The visitors enters a domed room of steel tube stacked on one other that when struck, creates a soothing shamanic gong bath. It is a deeply rejuvenating and cleansing experience that brings a sense of serenity.

Light forest

As visitors exit the joy room, they approach the end of the ramp onto the ground floor. Here visitors can explore in the interactive light forest. The pillars change color on approaching them to unique colors that vary for each visitor. 


While visitors walk through the museum, their emotions are captured by cameras placed in front of the screens at the entrance of every room using facial recognition. Each emotion is associated with a color and the collection of emotions before the 4 rooms give the colorful animation on the interactive pillar. This experience serves as a great take away from the museum through these kiosks. ​


The final space in the museum is the immersive bookstore. Here visitors are persuaded further towards self reflection through the interactive projection walls. Asking questions about what they felt in each room helps in reminding them the particular emotion they had experienced and translate it to one word that best associate with that feeling.


Visitors then have the choice to follow the direction towards each bookshelf formulated from the combination of choices they made during their interaction that would best suit their nature. People exit the building from here and marks the end of this museum experience.


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