An automated service hotel that obsesses on creating a hyper-personalized experience. The experience is created by transforming physical space based on each guest’s desires. These desires are machined learned as soon as the guest arrives at the hotel.


Amazon's mission

   “ Our passion for pioneering will drive us to explore narrow passages, and, unavoidably, many will turn out to be blind alleys. But - with a bit of good fortune - there will also be a few that open up into broad avenues.”

-Jeff Bezos

customer centric.jpg

Amazon believes that innovation has the power to change the world. As they aim towards becoming Earth’s most customer-centric company, they constantly look for new ways to meet users needs and fulfill their desires more than their expectations.


Elevate creates a hyper individualized experience for every guest through machine learning and generating predictions of their preferences. 




Elevate is a completely mechanized hotel that enhances the efficiency to provide the best suitable hospitality experience for each guest.



Elevate can alter the spaces in accordance to the guest’s choices, the space transforms completely to suit the guest’s affinity.

exterior model sketch.png


The facade of the building symbolizes the individualism that Amazon caters to every customer and over the height it increases the expectations of the customers to a better satisfied service.


As one enters the hotel, the wall on the other side of the room acknowledges your presence by welcoming you into the hotel and shows images of the products they had recently added to their Amazon wishlist. These products are then displayed by the conveyor belts that are running on either sides of the room.

entrance screen.PNG

wishlist display

Every visitor can choose from the products displayed and the products would be sent directly to the room or to their home address.


push button

Every visitor can choose from the products displayed and the products would be sent directly to the room or to their home address. This totem is also used to give access to your room, services, transforming room layouts. It notifies and can be used as a reminder by visitors. This device acts as a mode to elevate the hotel experience.






Rotate to adjust the level and angle of the blinds.
Rotate to adjust the room temperature, shake to check the outside temperature.
Rotate to adjust the music volume, swipe for next or previous track and shake for random track.
Rotate to adjust the illumination, shake to change the colour temperature.
Get informed about time, date, battery status.

transition pathway

The transition pathway changes color according to the preference of the visitor which can be altered with the push button.

entrance lounge with wishlist display

lift to rooms

interactive screen


transition pathway

push button interaction.png

guest room

The lifts direct the visitors to the doorstep of their guest room. The hydraulic lift is pushed into the floors and opens in front of the respective door.

room transformation

The guest room has a unique experience of customizing the space to tailor each guests desire. The room is divided into ribbons of corian panels. Each panel can move up and down and slide sideways to create the form of their choice. Visitors are given a range of similar choices through machine learning and they get to choose the experience they wish to stay in using the push button device.

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