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The design is to create an infotainment park for visitors of all ages to develop knowledge of the inaccessible areas of the worlds and learn about the different marine animals that reside within it.


Delve into the underwater world


A lifetime experience of venturing through the depths of the marine world. The design concept is to create a sense of living in water; afloat leaving an empowering impact like walking over the sea. On entering each building, visitors get more intimate with the aquatic animals and their environment.


Site context

The site is located in Willingdon Island, Kerala, India. Kochi is known for its fishing grounds and the famous seaport where the first trade market in India helped build connections with different countries around the world. I chose this site for the oceanarium because, in 2025, Kochi tourism planning department would like to create this island as a must-see in their map. The 12.95 acres site adjacent to the upcoming metro and other tourist attractions served as a perfect location for the oceanarium. I planned on creating a multipurpose site including a convention centre for the island, 5-star resort and the oceanarium which I have detailed out as my thesis undergrad project.

Master plan

The Kundanoor Willingdon island road connects into the pathway that leads to the drop off point of the site. The information building guides people into the infotainment park or the resort. The parking lot is alloted for the entire 13acres site.

View 4.jpg

Grand entry

This building forms the entrance to the lobby and the ticketing counter. The curtain-wall at the entrance induces a majestic outlook to the building; on entering the administration building, the vast and buzzing space symbolises the setting underwater.

The adjacent building, marine heritage museum is designed to complementary to form of the building.

Ticketing area

The large acrylic glass behind the ticketing counter houses a full-height aquarium which gives a preview to its visitors. The back of the house administration office is located on the floor above. On exiting the ticketing area, the locker room is provided for visitors to leave their extra baggage.

Marine Heritage Museum

The marine heritage museum depicts the trading system within the four different countries and also showcases the equipment used while fishing in ancient times and the various fishing techniques. e


Entrance to the lobby and ticketing counter. Grand Entry to the museum through shell shaped structure, complimenting the adjacent buildings.



Entry from one building, browsing through all the exhibits leading to the entry of ramp down to the basement. Basement connects the two buildings with 240º underwater tunnel. Freshwater exhibits radiating the ramp-up back to ground floor and exit.

Aquarium layout

The aquatic displays are segregated as freshwater and seawater animals in the two buildings. The building are designed in a shell form with the central core holding the ramps and exhibits radiating outwards.



Dolphinarium conducts 3 shows daily, invites people to interact closely with the dolphins and seals. The space includes semi-open amphitheatre seating, show pool, quarantine, resting pools and examination labs.


Other projects

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